I have guided the Integraal Medisch Centrum (Integrative Medical Centre) for almost 30 years now, and overseen its development from a practice for alternative medicine into a centre for integrated healthcare. The name IMC was and is far ahead of its time.

In addition to excellent mainstream medicine, it is increasingly time for a different view on healthcare; a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to ’treat the whole person’. [Over its three decades,] the IMC has relocated from a 120m2 to 250m2 site on Eerst C. Huygensstraat, to a 700m2 site on Hugo de Grootkade to its current site of 2,400m2 on Contactweg. These significant steps in growth reflect the demand and need for an integrative and multicausal approach.

Today, mainstream medicine officially recognises chronic complaints and Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms (MUPS). Perhaps these are better described as ‘misunderstood disorders’, as we have had a keen understanding of such cases for almost 30 years already. Complaints are logical and symptoms do not lie – they simply require a different method of examination and therapy. A seemingly equal ‘cause’ may give rise to different consequences in separate individuals, and seemingly identical complaints may have completely different causes.

At the IMC we have the expertise, the experience and the collaboration to make these ‘unexplained complaints clear and transparent, with clinically proven success. Every therapy is focused on healing – suppressing symptoms may be achieved quickly, but this is of no real benefit. Cure costs time and requires effort, but also has a lasting effect. In the past years we have been able to treat as many as 24,000 patients with a very high satisfaction score.

In addition, the IMC is strongly focused on prevention; to heal and stay healthy. The logic of having an annual/bi-annual dental check-up or having your car MOT’d  is clear, but of course it is also necessary for your entire body-soul-mind. Preventing a relapse, a health check-up and the right measures, will keep you in balance through a turbulent life.

For us, collaboration means: working together with the patient and together with several disciplines covering nutrition, exercise, emotions, spirit and meaning in life. Together we are more than the sum of our parts. Collaboration is also reflected in the components of the Integrative Medical Centre:

  • Practicum: centre of more than 30 practices for integrated diagnosis and therapy.
  • Studium: knowledge centre for higher professional education in complementary care.
  • Actum: centre for healthy lifestyle and sport, personal coaching, fitness, assessment and examination

Combining forces in practice, knowledge, research, movement and lifestyle. Don’t just say you can, above all, do it! With our underlying motto: Together Naturally Better.

Robert Muts

Director Integrative Medical Centre

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